Sunday, May 18, 2014

May Inspirations

It has been WAY too long since I've posted. Finals, projects, sicknesses, showcase...why must it always happen at once?

Anyways, this month's very late inspirations are kind of capturing the spirit and joy of this weird period of spring to summer transitioning. Everyone's all happy because it's warming up and school's almost out and beach days are in sight, but it's not hot enough yet to get miserable and lazy and terminally bored, so May is really a great month of happiness and hopefulness and it's awesome finding things and people that exemplify this attitude.

I also watched two things this past month that are really inspiring me: the classic How To Marry a Millionaire and HBO's Girls. Marilyn Monroe (and Lauren Bacall and Betty Grable) is just so fabulous in that movie, and while I'm usually an Audrey Hepburn person (who also made her way in here), Marilyn Monroe's classic beauty and joyful summer photos were so inspiring. And I binge-watched all of Girls, so yup, that happened. As it does with anyone else who watches that show, it took over my life and is now my favorite thing of ever. One of my favorite aspects is how amazing and flawless and stylish Jessa Johansson is. She is always full of spit and vinegar (what even is that phrase?) and new amazing bohemian outfits with a British accent (which I usually HATE outside of England but she's the only one who makes it work) on top of it so she's basically just fabulousness in a very seductive and intelligent and slightly damaged package. How is that not inspiring?

Sorry again for my terrible blogging consistency, but I swear I'll try to get better!

I hope you are as inspired by my inspirations as much as I am :)