Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Bold Minimalist (and the Return of the Wasian)

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So as you may (or may not) have noticed, my blog has been inactive for the past few months. I've just been really busy with dance stuff, and after feeling like being stuck in a rut for a while I decided to take a break. Over this break, I realized how much I missed blogging, so now I am ready to come back in full force! I'm definitely going to revamp things a little around here, most notably with a dramatic theme change (more on that later) and Instagram account (FINALLY. Follow me @sarcasticwasian #wasianandfriends for a follow back) but also with content. I'm definitely going to focus a lot more on looks instead of Polyvore or runway coverage and all of that. For that I'm considering starting another blog with my best friend Zachary, who you have likely heard of if you've followed my blog pre-break. Thoughts? Opinions? Anyways, thanks to those of you who have stuck with me during this dry spell, but I promise it will get better!

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Jump for joy, the wasian is back!


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Trying to get in the athletic spirit to match my shoes (which is why I'm laughing so hard...Audrey doesn't run)
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Because every photoshoot is a dance photoshoot

These photos were taken on an impromptu Jack London Square trip with Zachary after our Honors testing. We ended up on a self-guided tour of the Waterfront Hotel, monstrous ice cream cones (coffee ice cream in a chocolate dipped waffle cone with peanuts, if you were wondering) from Ben & Jerry's, and an impressive trip to Cost Plus where we didn't buy anything. Yup. You read that right.

I've been having some trouble lately with this athletic-wear trend. I bought these pretty New Balances, but more because they were on a great sale and less because I thought it out (especially the color). Once I got them, I loved them and have worn them so much, but more as a my-feet-need-comfort-over-fashion-today shoe than a trendy-athletic-wear-statement-shoe. No way were they going to replace my coveted heels and sleek flats. However, after getting these amazing pants in the mail that are somewhat reminiscent of track pants (another one on my wishlist...Christmas gift to your favorite wasian blogger??) gave me the perfect excuse to try my hand at the athletic trend. Pairing my two sport pieces with the ultra casual v-neck and minimalist bucket bag kept the laid-back sport vibe alive, while the embellished bolero jacket and the gold coin statement necklace added a mice dose of accent and statement to dress it up a bit.

This outfit is one of my favorites of the moment, as it utilizes some of my absolute favorite statement (or at least accent) pieces in my wardrobe right now: my sparkly bolero jacket, my Gabbanna-esque coin necklace, and my loud New Balances. However, because of the sleek and monochromatic black pants, white tee, and black accessories the outfit still gives off a bold minimalist (hello there, oxymoron) vibe. I live this combination of statements and minimalism, and I think it can make some pretty unique looks.

Bolero Jacket H&M
Necklace H&M (similar here and here)
White V-Neck Forever 21
Black Pants Forever 21
Bucket Bag Zara (similar here

What are your favorite ways to wear the athletic wear trend? How do you style your sneakers? Have you tried any of these oxymoronic bold minimalist looks? I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to comment below and I'd love to check out your blog!


  1. Great photos dear!

  2. Lovely photos, you are so pretty <3

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  3. I love your shoes! You look gorgeous.

    love x

  4. Glad to see that you've decided to return to blogging. I checked out some of your past posts and they are actually pretty good! I really liked some of the poses that you did in these pictures. And the shoes are super cute too! Thank you for the really nice comment that you've left on my blog and I do hope to see some more great things from you soon.

    Tragic Couturist

  5. you look lovely :)
    - thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. i'm now following you on bloglovin.

  6. Agreed! Also Audrey, I've seen your dance photos on Facebook and I'm enthralled. You've certainly got the gift of talent.

  7. love your purple sneaks and this casual outfit! I'm assuming you are a dancer - beautiful form!

  8. I love your pictures and I'm excited for your theme change! Now following you!

    -Magenta xxx

  9. Thank you so much Rachel! That's so sweet of you to say :)

  10. Thanks Tiffany! I love your blog so it's no problem!

  11. Thanks Sarah! Checking it out now...

  12. Thanks so much! Ugh I hate it when that happens...can't wait to see your blog!

  13. I love NBs and they're amazingly comfy which makes them even better! Lovely outfit!

    Olivia xx

  14. Thanks! Yeah these are them best I wear them probably more than I should...

  15. the photos are great! I'm sure you're a lovely dancer! as for the outfit, it's really cute, especially the sneakers:)

  16. I absolutely need an outfit like this. The way you styled the jacket and trousers is just perfect and from some of the side photos, it looks like you're wearing a jumpsuit. I am currently coveting a pair of black and white sneakers because all of my athletic wear is black and white. I kind of love the athletic trend because gym clothes are some of the comfiest things I own and it's finally socially acceptable to wear them without having to go to the gym.


  17. Looks amazing… great lamps !
    kisses from Miami,

  18. Glad that you took a little break and got some inspiration back! This outfit is very chic! I love how it has a sporty feel to it and those runners are fantastic! Love your jump for joy photo!


  19. Yes! I definitely want a pair of black and white sneakers...they'll go with everything! And I definitely agree with your thoughts on the athletic's so convenient!

  20. Thanks Borka! I was actually sitting on the floor of a Cost Plus with the lamps lol :P

  21. Amazing photos! You look amazing!

  22. Awesome pics! You really look in great shape! Love your style, nice job!


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  23. I love those purple trainers and you look so witchily pretty in that picture where you're jumping! C: