Sunday, June 21, 2015

Rooftop Hunters

 Leith Wrap Front Shirt Nordstrom Rack | Black Jeans Old Navy (diy) | Bralette Aerie | Mules Forever 21 | Jacket H&M (old) | Bucket Bag Zara (old) | Heart Necklace Leola Lace | Star Necklace Dogeared  | Vine Rings Forever 21 | 
I really need to get on the whole "posting within the month the pictures were taken" thing...

However, despite what it looks like, these were actually shot at the end of May. Summer in San Francisco can mean quite a bit of chill, so this outfit is perfect for those brisk summer mornings and nights (or if you're in the bay area, the summer fog). I tend to stick with a very neutral color palette: a LOT of white, grey, black, black, black, and some more black all year around. Sometimes I wear different eye shadow or lipstick tones to compliment the season, but in general I'm all for wearing whatever colors you like regardless of the season. For me, that was all black (with a daring pop of muted grey) and a berry lip. I guess one could say I'm somewhat seasonally confused...

This was actually my go to outfit for the entirety of spring, and I can see myself carrying it over into summer, possibly swapping the jeans for shorts or leaving the jacket if weather permits. I've fallen a bit in love with black jeans as of late--they're so easy to wear yet somehow look just a bit nicer and classier than your average blue. This pair I cut off and distressed the bottoms, so I like wearing them with lower cute shoes like these mules to show off my diy-goddess skills (jokes). As for the shirt, it's the same kind of idea. The material is super soft and flowy which makes it suitable for every day wear, but the super deep V and wrap-around style makes it easy to transition into night time or slightly nicer occasions. 

As I said before, I like wearing a lot of black as of late. These mules and bag have been my absolute staples these last couple of months. They go with basically everything, and the leather makes it really versatile for both every day and fancier occasions (do we see a trend here? I don't like changing my outfits...). I wrote about these mules in my Friday Finds post if you want to go check that out. :)

Thanks for reading! Hopefully as I get back into the swing of things my posting will become a little bit more regular :)


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