Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fashion Show!

It has taken me a really long time to get around to this, but finally, I have fashion show picture's for you! I gave a little sneak peek of Zachary's collection in my post In the Studio of Zachary Fernandez, but he was not the only fabulous designer in this show. Georgia Gubetzahl, Mikayla Phinessee, Emily Hampton, Sophia Zurr, and Quin Sotelo (who I modeled for!) were all among the amazing roster of designers at this amazing show.

In case you weren't there, I decided to show you all some of my favorite moments, both on the runway and off. The runway photos were taken by Nathan Bennett, Greg Gutbezahl, and Sasha Berliner, while the backstage photos were taken mainly by me, but with some help from Emily and Zachary.

I hope you like it! Maybe we'll see you next year...

Model: Shea | Designer: Quin | Photo: Nathan
Model: Yosephina | Designer: Sophie | Photo: Nathan
Designer: Sophie | Photo: Nathan

Model: Christina | Designer: Precious | Photo: Sasha
Model: Sarah | Designer: Zachary | Photo: Nathan
Model: Eleanor | Designer: Emily | Photo: Greg
Model: Kionna | Designer: Sophie | Photo: Nathan
Models: Christina and Imani | Designer: Precious | Photo: Sasha
Designer: Mikayla | Photo: Sasha
Model: Cerica | Designer: Emily | Photo: Nathan
Model: Tori | Designer: Deja | Photo: Nathan
Designer: Mikayla | Photo: Sasha
Model: Sabrina | Designer: Breanna | Photo: Nathan
Model: Cerica | Designer: Emily | Photo: Greg
Model: McKenna | Designer: Quin | Photo: Nathan
Model: Shavon | Designer: Zachary | Photo: Nathan
Photo: Greg
Model: Lily | Designer: Zachary | Photo: Nathan
Model: Sophie | Designer: Quin | Photo: Nathan
Model: McKenna | Designer: Quin | Photo: Greg
Model: Paige | Designer: Deja | Photo: Nathan
Model: Micah | Designer: Zachary | Photo: Nathan
Model: Mira | Designer: Georgia | Photo: Greg
Model: Me! | Designer: Quin | Photo: Nathan
Model: Me! | Designer: Quin | Photo: Nathan

Model: Eleanor | Designer: Emily | Photo: Nathan

And now, what you've all been waiting for...


Bailey in one of Emily's designs

Fake eyelashes are not a good idea on these wasian eyes

Some Phinesee braiding skills

My dress!

One of our little models :)
Got that Snapchat going on

I actually have more selfies and pictures of Emily and I. It's a bit excessive.

So much Chanel and MAC makeup that I just had to photograph all of it
Why Shavon is so stunning, we will never know

The infamous hoop skirt that was consistently a pain throughout all of the shows. What we do for fashion...
Thanks so much for reading (and looking at the plethora of photos)! Which were your favorites? What would you make if you were a designer? Are you a designer? I'd love to hear your guyses thoughts!




  1. I love the Precious dresses! Those are incredible. The tulle fishtails add the right amount of drama.

    And no, I'm not a designer. But I wish I were. I have sewing skills, but am nowhere near the level of "designer." :) Thanks for sharing these pictures!

    xo Azu

  2. I really love this post and your blogstyle!
    would you like to follow each other on GFC or Bloglovin, dear? I'd like to keep in touch!
    Let me know with a comment on my blog, I promise that I'll follow you back!

    xoxo Marta

  3. Thanks so much Marta! And I'd love to follow eachother--I'll check out you blog :)

  4. The dresses look so cool! I love all the pictures :)

  5. Such artistic pieces, all the pictures look great!

  6. Awesome show !! lovely pics dear :) xx

  7. Wow, some of these outfits are absolutely stunning! I wish I could go to a fashion show!!

  8. Precious' collection was fabulous! I love it too :) And that's more than me! I suck at sewing and have zero design skills. But with your sense of style and sewing skills, I bet you could be an awesome designer!

  9. I love them too! Thanks Filipa :)