Saturday, April 19, 2014


I thought I was funny...

The beautiful Elanor (who modeled for Emily) paused to take a few pics with us

The infamous Emily

First of all, I'm so sorry for not posting in so long. A week! Agh!

On the first day of fashion show, Emily (an amazing designer and one of my besties) and I had some free time and took a few pictures. Elanor, one of Emily's models, also stopped by for a few pics.

As I said in my April Inspirations, I'm really into bohemian vibes and jewelry (namely necklace layering). This is kind of me dipping my toe into that world with my new favorite earrings, old turquoise bracelets, and some of my absolute favorite necklaces. At first I was a little hesitant painting gold and silver necklaces AND statement turquoise, but I like how it turned out. Especially with such a simple and neutrally colored outfit, you can really do anything in terms of jewelry and accessories. 

I also want to talk about these pants a little. I'm a big believer in crop tops with high waisted bottoms. I think they're flattering on everyone, and there's so many possibilities of how to style this trend. In my opinion, pleated trousers are the way to go. Pleated trousers are such an easy way to look polished and chic, while still maintaining that effortless look. These American Apparel ones are in a beautiful silly material, and the nude color is flattering and neutral enough to go with anything. On top of this, the loose but tailored fit is universally flattering.

Trousers American Apparel (thrifted) | Crop Top American Apparel | Flats Old Navy | Earrings JYJZ | Silver Necklace Dogeared (gifted) | Heart Necklace Etsy | Lariat Necklace (similar)

Thanks for reading! Stay fabulous people!




  1. 1. Those are horrible photos of me
    2. It's Eleanor not Ellen

    <3 Love ya Audrey

  2. You still didn't spell Eleanor correctly


  3. Loving your look!

    Pants look great :D


    Adicao Accessory

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  6. Thanks Janice! Love those pants...