Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Asian Part of Wasian


I've had this kimono sitting around for a while...trying to find the perfect way to style it. My aunt gave it to me about a year ago (from her Buddhist temple. The best way to find the best kimonos.) and ever since then I've tried it on so many times, and to no avail. It's a lot longer than the more trendy kimonos that we've been seeing recently, more like traditional kimonos in the length and style. However, what I really like about this one is that while the sleeves are loose, they're not as big as a really traditional kimono, so that makes this a little easier to style for the every day.

As you can probably see from my recent looks, I'm really into layered necklaces and simple v-necks. I definitely utilized that here, with one of my absolute favorite necklace combinations and my trusty Target V-Neck. I actually self-distressed these jeans too, so if you want to know how I did that I'd be happy to do a tutorial. I kind of wish they came out better, but maybe I'll distress another pair now that I (somewhat) know what I'm doing. 

For a quick last note, on my lips is Lancome's Crushed Rose, which I talked about in my 5 Fall Favorites! It's such a pretty flush of color that looks really natural.

V-Neck | Target
DIY Boyfriend Jeans | Thrifted (Target)
Shoes | JustFab
Bar Necklaces | Forever 21
Leaf Necklace | JustFab
Locket | J.Crew

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  1. You look amazing dear!

  2. love love love your shoes!

  3. Argh that kimono is flawless, I need it in my life! And as always, you dazzle me. I don't get how you're always coming up with innovative ideas to style things.
    I love how such a piece can really play up an ensemble so basic and timeless. This oriental outfit really reminds me of something Claire Marshall would wear, only you have that personal flair to it x

  4. Love those shoes

  5. Thank you so much Rachel! You're always so sweet to me :) Claire Marshall is my absolute FAVORITE! I just recently started watching her videos and am totally obsessed!

  6. YOU ARE GORGEOUS! Yes, I capitalized that! Anyway, lovely kimono! Your outfit is so good and I love how you wore it with those fab heels.

    Katherine Lou

  7. Love the look, and you pulled off the kimono so well! :)

  8. Fabulous dear! great kimono, sandals and bf jeans!
    kisses from Miami,

  9. Great look! I love your kimono :)