Monday, January 20, 2014

January Inspirations

First of all, these inspirations are coming WAY later in the month due to my little blogging hiatus, and they don't really have much of a color/season theme as I usually have. This month however, all of these pictures are from a few of my favorite street style blogs. I absolutely adore street style, and I actually think that I'll be starting an SF street style blog soon. In the mean time, I spend hours and hours pouring over these sites and more, marveling at the beauty and style hidden right under our noses. So behold: some of my favorite street style looks of 2014.

Credits: 1) FaceHunter 2) Stockholm Street Style 3) ModeMajeure 4) Stockholm Street Style 5) ModeMajeure 6) Street Peeper 7) The Sartorialist 8) FaceHunter 9) The Sartorialist 10) Stockholm Street Style 11) ModeMajeure 12) The Sartorialist 13) Stockholm Street Style 14) FaceHunter 15) Stockholm Street Style 16) Street Peeper 17) The Sartorialist 18) FaceHunter 19) FaceHuter

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