Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Prep the Plaid

the sarcastic wasian, fashion, blog, audrey sides, wasian, blogger

the sarcastic wasian, fashion, blog, audrey sides, wasian, blogger

She caught me mid-lipstick application...

I generally try to stay away from ultra-preppy looks, but there was something about this retro-prep that I just love. The oversized raincoat balances out the tailored blouse and pants to create a surprisingly stylish, yet preppy look.

Jesus this really was a look of combining things I just don't like. I generally don't like plaid. I know it's a trend and everything, but I just have never liked it. However, this plaid is not only extremely cozy but it is a lot of fun to match up the colors. There's red, white, black, green, blue, orange...so I have fun discovering everything that can go with it. Also, since it's just the lining, I feel like it's a little more dialed back since you only see a few peeks of it in that beautiful almost accidental way. 

Let me just take a moment to discuss this bag. I got it at a buy one get one free sale at H&M, so I got this beauty and a larger structured bag for just $10, and I have to say I think it was the best $10 I will ever spend. The fiery red color makes a statement, but without being too out there and therefore impossible to actually wear with multiple outfits. It's also a SUPER convenient size--big enough to fit all of the essentials but not big enough to be a hassle. And while I'm possible one of the biggest fans of  incredibly large bags you can find, it's nice to have some contrast once in a while. Unfortunately, I could not find it on the H&M website (or anywhere else for that matter) so I've linked a similar H&M crossbody in an adorable pale blue (sorry! I tried :/). If you really want one though, I'm sure it's still in stores.

I discussed my love for this white button-down in my last post, 2014. I'm loving this whole white button-down thing. Yay versatility!!

Crossbody Bag H&M | White Button-Down J. Crew

Thanks so much for reading! Sorry I always write such long posts...I should probably work on that.



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