Thursday, September 26, 2013

An Unexpected Excursion

It's an ugly picture, I know. It shows the whole outfit though, so whaddya gonna do?

I had already taken some (kinda bad) pictures of this look that day that I was going to post on the blog. However when we ended up going to the beach and after my initial anger that I was TOTALLY in the wrong clothes (I thought we would be going to a retirement home when I left the house), I realized it would be a great place to take pictures! This shoot was soo much fun, plus I finally got to take some totally cliche ballerina-on-the-beach photos. :)

I kind of have mixed feelings about this top...I initally bought it because I love chiffon and I love hearts so I was just thinking that it was a match made in heaven. Turns out this blouse has a really weird shape, or was made for an obese person. I tried tucking it in at first, but because of the batwing nature of the blouse it ultimately made me unable to move my arms, which is a bit problematic. Since it has a pretty hi-low hem, I then decided to wear it out, but it's really loose and a bit unshapely so I don't know. Do you like it? If you have other ideas on how I could style it I would definitely appreciate it :).

Just to let you know, those jeans are not capris, I just rolled them up so I could wade without ruining them.

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