Sunday, September 29, 2013

Happy World Heart Day!


I'm really surprised that I didn't already know that this was a holiday. Seeing as I'm so obsessive about hearts, you would think I would know. Anyways, either way I'm SO PSYCHED THIS EXISTS. Hearts represent love, life, fun, and beauty, and we literally couldn't live without them. They're also super cute and versatile and fun, and if you add some to your wardrobe and use them in the right way, they can add that perfect amount of young innocence and love (wow. Sorry for the run-on sentence. Usually my grammar is better than that.). Also, hearts are pretty high if not #1 on my favorite things in the world list, so I may be slightly biased. Here's some more pictures of hearts to get you in the mood... <3

I think this may be the definition of being "too juiced." Anyways, today I went to Ikea and thought I would celebrate by buying a few heart-y things. To be honest, I probably would've bought them whether or not it was World Heart Day, but whatever.

My first item was actually from the children's section (don't judge me). They always have the cutest things, and who's to say that there's an age limit? I'm also a big blanket person, if that even is a thing. I love blankets and can never have enough. I pile them on and wrap myself up in them even in the warmest weather. So the fact that I have a queen size bed and this was a twin duvet cover doesn't matter at all. What if I want to curl up on the couch? VITAMINER HJARTA seems perfect for that.
My next item was kind of a love at first sight thing. I saw it, and less than 2 seconds later it was in my cart with a $7 frame. I didn't even have to think about it. Also, the price is pretty awesome too. There's not much you can't love about BILD.
I thought I would next help you guys out with your Heart Day shopping and put together a list of fashion-forward heart purchases...
Pink Ice
Kate Spade New York

Urban Outfitters
This is definitely not a sufficiently long list of heart items, but I'll do an updated post later. If you want to learn more about this holiday, click here to go to the World Heart Federation's website. 

No, I'm not making this up. Although they might not see World Heart Day like I do, whatever...



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