Wednesday, September 18, 2013

JustFab Haul

In the last year, I have found my passion for online shopping. Namely, online shoe shopping. And bag shopping. And actually pretty much all kinds of online shopping. I've really found a love for online shoe clubs, and I'll give a review of other ones I've found later. I recently kind of splurged at JustFab, possibly my favorite of the shoe clubs. Although it wasn't really a splurge because I only spend about $59.95 on these five items, so I'm pretty proud of myself :).

I had been eyeing these beauties for a while, so when they went on sale I snatched them up as quickly as I could. Wherever I wear these I always get so many compliments, and they're (relatively) comfortable too! The checkered cutout pattern is super hot and surprisingly versatile, so I highly recommend this heel.

I kind of have mixed feelings about this bag...I got it because it was an amazing price and I wanted a big(ish) beige bag. It does the job well. but there's a ton of strappage going on there and it gets kind of confusing and busy. It's nice because it makes the bag versatile, but it's also a bit overwhelming. Overall though, it's a good bag and definitely goes nicely with a variety of different outfits.

These heels are just adorable! It's kind of hard to see in this picture, but these shoes have a really pretty quilted pattern which adds the perfect touch of detail to a simple shoe. They're pretty high, but isn't that what makes them so amazing? :)

I had been looking for a statement tote in a fall color when I stumbled upon this one. I normally shy away from bright statement colors (especially orange...blegh), but I decided to take a risk and go with my gut with this bag. I couldn't be more psyched! Statement colors are one of my new favorite things, and this tote can make almost any outfit pop. I surprised myself when I found how versatile this bag really is. Not only does it go perfectly with monochrome or all black, but with the right colors it creates a super cute and incredibly daring ensemble.

Taj Mahal
Last but not lease, the Taj Mahal. I'm in LOVE with the top handle/structured/doctor bag trend and these gold accents just made this one completely irresistible. Even in black (back to my unadventurous self) this bag is such a showstopper. It adds the perfect touch of classiness with an edge to any outfit. I've gotten so many compliments on this bag and my best friend loved it so much she tried to steal it--multiple times!

Thanks for reading! Sorry again for my sporadic posting :/. School and ballet is being a drag and taking up all of my blogging time! I'll still try to do my Friday Features as consistently as possible though, so keep on sending in those submissions! I love reading all of your answers and getting to know this amazing fashion blogging community that I've immersed myself in. You guys really are the most amazing and people I could ever ask to interview, never mind actually talk to.


Audrey <3

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