Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Feature: Forget Growing Up


Helter Skelter
How long have you been blogging?
My blog is fairly new, I started blogging around Christmas last year, so it's been about 7 months now.

What got you started in fashion blogging?
Initially I started a blog because of my web store (, and eventually it evolved into a personal style diary.
Is there someone who helps you with your blogging (friend, photographer, co-blogger, etc.) or do you do it on your own?
My boyfriend used to help me take pictures, but now I usually rely on my tripod. When I'm outdoors, either him or my friends would help me take photos of my outfits :).

Who are your favorite style icons?
Mary Kate Olsen! I also adore Kate Moss, Ena Matsumoto and Rumi Neely.

How would you describe your style?
Well, I would say a mix of minimalism, bohemian and a little bit gothic at times.

What got you interested in fashion?
Thinking back, there was never really a 'special moment' in my life that made me love fashion. I've always been a little melodramatic, so fashion was like an avenue for me to express myself and fashion made me happy!

Stop and Smell the Roses
Do you have any signature pieces?
I don't have any signature pieces, a signature color maybe? Black.

Who are your favorite designers?
I have so many! At the moment probably Ricardo Tisci, Alexander Wang and Karl Lagerfeld, brilliant brilliant brilliant.
What are your favorite brands?
Another tough question! If I could fulfil my sartorial fantasy right now I'd say Givenchy, Alexander Wang, Chanel, Emoda, Calvin Klein, Proenza Schouler and the list goes on.

Favorite and least favorite trends?
I don't really follow trends.

What is your favorite feature?
I think I'd go with my eyes.

Makeup, skincare, and clothes you can't live without?
For clothing, I can't live without basics and I'd have to constantly restock them. For skincare, I'm currently loving SK2 products. And finally for makeup, I'd probably be unable to live without my SK2 brightening lucent base! 
Toxic Friends

What is the biggest fashion crime you have ever committed?
Probably wearing clothes that don't fit and then regretting when I'm out of the house.

Who are your favorite bloggers?
I love Rumi Neely (fashiontoast), Rachel Lynch (ihateblonde) and Elle-May Leckenby (elle-may.tumblr).

Do you have any advice for other fellow bloggers, Lookbookers, or fashionistas?
Be brave! I think it takes a substantial amount of courage to be able to share self shot looks online. Each individual is unique and have something to offer to the fashion scene, so don't let fear cripple you.

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Thanks for reading! I hope you all love Audrey Tan and Forget Growing Up as much as I do!



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