Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Feature: Fashion's Bowtie


How long have you been blogging?
I've been blogging for a year but I decided to really get into it so I changed my blog and completely started over on a new one.
What got you started in blogging?
Mainly seeing all the designers and editors and their work. I would read all the blogs of fashion's elite and it struck me that that is what I really wanted to try and do.
Is there someone who helps you with your blogging (friend, photographer, co-blogger, etc.) or do you do it on your own?
All my blogging just about everything I do on the internet is me to be honest no one I personally know knows about my internet life.
Who are your favorite style icons?
That's quite a tough question as so many people have specific parts of their style which I idolize. A few would be Rita Ora for her spunk and mixture of textiles and patterns; Victoria Beckham for her simplistic chic looks, Mondo Guierra for his ability to make just about any pattern mix with another, and lastly Cher Lloyd for her original and spunky style.
How would you describe your style?
My style is ever changing. One moment I will adore a certain look and the next minute I'll have completely changed my direction. The only way I can describe it is always classy never trashy.
What got you interested in fashion?
When I was younger I would always flip through books and magazines and never noticed anything for the longest time. One day I was on the internet and stumbled upon a Alexander McQueen dress and suddenly the fashion world hit me by storm.
Do you have any signature pieces?
To be honest I don't think I do. There are items I'll obsess over for months but that's about as far as it gets.
Who are your favorite designers?
My favorite designers are Alexander McQueen, Robert Cavalli, Mary Katrantzou, and lastly Oscar De La Renta
What are your favorite brands?
My favorite brands are ChloƩ, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Versace, and Moschino
Favorite and least favorite trends?
Least favorite trend is the whole clear,plastic, see through trend. And favorite trend is iridescent, holographic prints and styles.
Makeup, skincare, and clothes you can't live without?
Makeup: Basically all my lip products and eyeliner
skincare: moisturizer and bio-oil
clothes: My sandals and flats and my studded leggings
What is the biggest fashion crime you have ever committed?
Once when I was younger I had wore tights under a pair of jeans shorts with socks on top. I cringe at even the thought of this.
Who are your favorite bloggers?
I really love Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller; Bray Boy; Wendy from Wendy's Lookbook; and Fleur of FleurDeForce.
Do you have any advice for fellow bloggers, Lookbookers, or fashionistas?
Any advice that I could posses is that never look at the numbers or hate. Do what you do not to get free stuff or money; do it because you love it. If you only look at subscribers and followers you'll get nowhere and your audience won't like you. And lastly never look at hate. There are far too many good things you do as opposed to the bad. Hey, you may become famous so that hate was worth it!

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