Monday, March 31, 2014

New Disqus Commenting Platform!

Pretty much since I started my blog, I've been using Google+ comments. In an effort to amp up the look and feel of my blog (new template coming soon...I promise!), I just switched to Disqus comments.
I don't really have anything against Google+ comments, but I just like the look of the Disqus ones better and it makes it easier to link your blogs in the comment itself so I can find all of your splendiferous (yes, I just made up that word because no other word better describes how much I love looking at all of these AMAZING blogs) more easily. I was also not a huge fan of the need to do the security codes EVERY SINGLE comment, so when I was trying to find out how to eliminate that, I thought I might as well just change it.

However, the bad news is since Blogger made a few changes, my Google+ comments can not transfer over to my new fancy Disqus comments so if you recently commented on my blog, don't feel offended if I don't visit your blog because I might not have seen it.

Don't worry guys! You can still comment on my blog using your Google or Facebook accounts, or you could just make a Disqus account--it all works :)

What do you think of the new Disqus platform? Do you like it? Do you have it? Any tips?

Thanks! Be amazing guys :)




  1. I love using Disqus! I also think it makes things easier for people trying to leave links in the comment.

  2. I agree! I also like the upvote things...for some reason I think they're really cute :)