Monday, March 3, 2014

The Best Collections of Milan Fashion Week

AGH! SO LATE! I know it's March and Paris Fashion Week is already over, but I wanted to share my favorite collections from MFW with you anyways. Sorry for the super late posting, but I hope you like my selections and are as inspired and awed by them as I am!

Anteprima I may be a little biased here because I absolutely ADORE minimalism and classic, tailored clothing, but I'm pretty sure this collection is flawless. There's a beautiful boldness in simplicity, and I think this collection really exemplifies that. It's very trendy (knitwear, wide-legged pants, grey, long coats, etc.), but has a subtle hint of classic chic. One of my favorite things about this collection is the wearability of it. If someone was walking down the street decked out in Anteprima Fall 2014, it would turn heads (and for all the right reasons).

Agnona There's something about this collection that's just so refreshing. Maybe it's the neon squiggles that remind me of popsicles in the summer (this is probably the singular case in which this is acceptable--especially for a fall collection), or the exquisite tailoring that you all know I'm so fond of, or maybe it's the occasional surprise cutout, fringe, or crazy coat. Either way, this collection is a new spin on elegance: throwing sweaters over suits, peek-a-boo fringe under fur coats, and popsicle-esque neon squiggles onto evening gowns...this is a collection of victorious tests and dares on the ever-changing rules of fashion.

Moschino I think the main reason that I love this collection is that it's so much fun. Fashion is definitely a very serious industry, and sometimes painfully so. Why not add some humor and irony? Who says McDonalds and cows aren't perfect for the high fashion runway? Jeremy Scott's first Moschino collection is definitely one to see. It almost seems like a stylish commentary on our culture today: McDonalds, milk, Spongebob, and nutrition facts...seems about right. I know this collection is receiving lots of mixed reviews right now, but so far I'm lovin' it.

Giorgio Armani Armani has been making impeccably dashing men's suits for ages, so it only seems correct that he make impeccably elegant women's suits too. This collection didn't only consist of suits though--dispersed within it were beautiful gowns and coats in beautiful animal prints and textures. To top it off, I'm really feeling this crimped and bold brow look...

Krizia I think I'm completely in love with Krizia's beautiful silhouettes and textures. Pleats, leather, fur, and black were all used extensively on this runway, yet it never got boring. Plus, the whole wild cat graphic that showed up on a few of the pieces was pretty fierce.

Angelo Marani Between the tribal prints, fearless florals, razzle dazzle, animal prints, tailored trenches, furs, and all the textures you could ever imagine, Angelo Marani's Fall 2014 collection is definitely a loaded one (in a good way). I love the variety in this collection, yet how it remains tied together. Who knew that floral and leopard were such a good match? Lots of print mixing and matching has been seen on these fall runways this year, some with more success than others. Marani pulls off this tricky trend with more ease than any other designer, but still maintaining a bit of an edge. For tips and tricks on how to match prints, this is where you should go. 

Blumarine I was honestly a little surprised at how good this collection is. Blumarine has always been good, but not great. I would (with confidence) say that this collection is great. The silhouettes and creativity in this collection are through the roof! I am head over heels for the amazing embroidery and textiles in this collection, plus the minimal makeup and relaxed hair was a classy and accessible 

Stella Jean Under the tutelage of the great Giorgio Armani, it's hard to go wrong. However, you would never be able to tell this wonder woman was even influenced by him in her creative use of prints and silhouettes. As Harper's Bazaar so nicely puts it, "The lovliness of Jean's vision is that she treats everything as an ethnic print, from African batiks to English checks to sporty American stripes. Her global viewpoint no doubt comes from having an Italian father, a Haitian mother, and a former career as a model."

Tod's The quirkiness, originality, and creativity of the Fall 2014 Tod's collection is what makes it stand out. Tod's signature fun silhouettes, simple geometric prints, and odd (but amazing) color combinations with a laid back touch strike again in this amazing collection. Tod's, you've done it again.

Fausto Puglisi The geometric color blocking and ridiculously amazing structured pieces in this collection are through the roof! The amazing Puglisi manages to take these challenging endeavors look effortless, flawless, and flattering. Like many of these other amazing runways, Fausto Puglisi's collection is also very wearable, without showing ridiculous amounts of skin or harboring hazardous embellishments but remaining chic and high fashion.

Dolce and Gabbana Again, I may have a little bias here as I have a soft spot for embellishment and Dolce & Gabbana (I should make a post with all of their best that would take weeks) but I think this collection is just so much fun! The fairytale-esque embroidery and old-fashioned key prints bring you back to simpler times in style. Their uniquely Italian style is prevalent in all of their collections, this one being no exception.

Sorry again for the late know how school is.

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