Friday, May 17, 2013

The Body Shop Haul

Hey everyone! My latest obsession is The Body Shop. My skin, although somewhat clear, is super dry and sensitive so I'm always appreciative of good skin care products. Plus, almost 100% of my makeup is from the drugstore or Target so I feel like The Body Shop's makeup is a step up from that. Anyways, I recently made two purchases and decided it was sufficient enough to make a haul. Here goes!

The first item is a concealer/highlighter called Lightening Touch. The brush applicator is super convenient and although the actual concealer is a little thin, it's really good as a highlighter and some light touch up. It's really nice if you aren't wearing foundation, because it doesn't create just one blotch of foundation cakeyness. It goes on very lightly and it doesn't cake at all. It does still work beautifully under or over a light layer of foundation. If you plan on buying this item, I recommend buying it a little bit lighter than your natural skin tone because it blends well and it adds a nice highlighting effect. $14.50
My second item is one of The Body Shop's most famous and cherished items: Body Butter. I got the Cocoa Butter Body Butter on sale for $10. It is definitely worth all of the hype. There is no need for any other body moisturizer or lotion once you have the Body Butter. It comes in so many amazing flavors that I will definitely be trying in the future. The Cocoa Butter flavor definitely smells amazing, slightly nutty with a touch of chocolate. Maureen (check out My Sister) thinks it smells like wax, but I think it smells pretty nice. It's not overwhelmingly strong or sweet. The tub of regular sized body butter is actually pretty big, which is nice because this is pretty thick stuff. It feels so good though and is perfect for ashy legs and any other little dry spots on your body. I like to use it on the calluses on my feet that I get from dance class and it works wonders! The best part is you don't need to reapply very often (sometimes I can even skip one or two days) because it really moisturizes and stays. Would definitely recommend. If you want to save money on them but they're at their full price of $20, just wait for a little bit--they won't go anywhere and The Body Shop is always having sales. $20.00
My next item is the Pearly Lip and Cheek Stain. This was very sadly disappointing. Even with a heavy duty moisturizer underneath, this stain almost immediately dries out my lips. It also has the consistency of water, and feels really weird going on. It is also very obviously just the red lip stain with added gold flakes (the entire applicator is covered in the red stain) which cluster when it dries and come off with a quick pass with the hand that leaves the lips with the red stain. Speaking of gold flakes, the stain is a lot more gold than pictured. I was expecting more of a pearly pink than a shimmery gold with red. This works a little better for cheeks, but again dries quickly so you have to act fast. Even still, it is pretty streaky since it isn't super blend-able. Good thing I got it when it was on sale... $14.00

Next up is one of my favorites: Vitamin E Moisture Cream. It is so light, but does wonders for my face. A penny or nickel sized dollop is enough for my whole face. It's also not too heavy for summer, and once it's on I can't even tell that it's there. My forehead is a real problem spot for me--it flakes super easily because I rub it a lot. This cream works wonders for it! It creates a really nice sealant that keeps my skin soft and moisturized. The only problem is it's not waterproof so if you are planning on going to the gym or dance class, it's almost not worth putting on until afterwards. $16.50
Next up is a facial cleanser that I've been in desperate need for. The Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser is just what I was looking for and better. It is really nice to remove makeup, and if my face is not in need of that much moisturizing, I can just use this and be good to go. Its really nice to use in the morning and night to clean off all of the days makeup and grime and it creates a really nice clean slate and a bit of a primer for my makeup. It has the same light consistency and feel of the Vitamin E Moisture Cream, so it's virtually weightless which is nice for a leave on cleanser. Plus the whole aloe line is made for sensitive skin, so it's really nice to my face. My only complaint would be the bottle it comes in is super hard so you need Hulk hands or a nice dose of luck to get much out of the bottle so I just screw off the top and take a little dab from the lip. $14.50
My last product is an attempt to salvage my chronically dry and super long (1 inch from my butt) hair. I got the Coconut Oil Hair Shine in hopes that it would oil and shine up my hair. I was a little bit confused when I first opened the little tin...the "hair shine" is like a completely solid block of very good smelling coconutty stuff. The only way to get anything is either to dig your finger into it or circle your finger very fast around the tin like 15 times. The actual oil is not bad. You have to use a lot, but not enough to make your hair look like an oily, dirty, mess. The effect is not extremely noticeable, but it does reduce frizzing and static with some shine. It also makes your hair smell absolutely amazing. I would use this as perfume if I could. The coconut smell is strong enough to be present with only a little bit of oil in the hair, but not enough to be overpowering. I've gotten so many compliments on the scent of my hair when I wear this. $10.00
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