Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Sister

Hey everyone! I thought I would introduce you all to my lovely sister whom will show up on the blog from time to time, and also, who wouldn't want to meet my sister?

Well, I should say, my sisters. One had four legs, and the other has two.

I'll start with the four-legged one.

This is Lucy. She is our amazing 4 year old Bernese Mountain Dog, and she is actually about to be a mother to 4 puppies! I'm so psyched! I think she is too, although I think at the moment she's suffering from the joys of the late stages of her pregnancy...

Now the two-legged one.

This is Maureen. She's like the best sister you could ever imagine, times 1,000. And, she's also really pretty, as you can see below. We're sisters, so we do argue sometimes, but overall, she's pretty awesome. One of the best parts of her though, is she's the same size as me, so suddenly our closet is twice as big and I only have to pay half price for things she likes too. DOUBLE SCORE!! *insert fist in air* And even better, she has a blog too. Where she makes her own awesome graphics. You can find these awesome graphics at postcardsfromhogsmeade.tumblr.com. Follow her! And if you don't believe me that her graphics are awesome, I've included some below for you to see.

Safe to say that my sisters are quite awesome. And now you are acquainted with them, lucky you! Don't forget to follow Maureen on Tumblr at postcardsfromhogsmeade.tumblr.com.

Also, follow me on Blogger, Bloglovin' and Lookbook! I follow back :)

Thanks so much,


  1. Well hello gorgeous;-)

    1. Don't mean to be creepy but...omg i have LOVED your blog and Lookbook for forever! Thanks so much for checking out my blog!