Saturday, April 27, 2013

Go Nude

Hey there everyone!

I have always been an avid anti-nude activist. It usually just makes you look naked from afar, and the color is never your exact skin tone so therefore clashes with your skin unless you have a completely different colored skin. Lately however, I've started to see the light. Nude heels are amazing.
Go Nude

Go Nude by thesarcasticwasian

First of all, because of the textures and obvious heel, you don't have to worry about looking naked, although even if it did end  up that way, it doesn't look as weird to appear barefoot as it does to appear topless. 

Also, this is an amazing spring/summer shoe. Since the color is so neutral, it goes with just about anything, and can add a nice pastel to an outfit or calm a busy one down. The color looks great on just about any heel, as seen above. You can rock a nude heel as a pump, lita, wedge, strappy heel, bootie...anything!

The color is also very occasion versatile. It can be worn to school or work, then effortlessly go to a nighttime look. 

Below I've posted some of my favorite looks featuring nude heels worn in a few different ways. Check out these girls on Lookbook!

This is Luba Dimitrova in her latest Lookbook look Red, White, and Nude featuring nude Christian Louboutin pumps. This amazing look can also be found (with more pictures) on her amazing blog

This is Janine L in her Lookbook look Laid Back Lace-Back featuring nude River Island heels. Although she doesn't have a blog, other looks of Janine's can be found on her Lookbook.

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to check out these fabulous girls Luba and Janine on Lookbook as well as Luba's amazing blog Follow me on Lookbook, Bloglovin, Blogger, and Polyvore above, and feel free to comment below!

aka the Sarcastic Wasian

P.S. Sorry about my lack of posting, we have end-of-year tests coming up that are sucking up all of my time.  Consistent posts will probably not come until later this month...sorry again!!

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