Sunday, April 7, 2013

What is Wasian?

Good question. I get it a lot. What does Wasian mean?

Aside from awesomeness, intelligence, and radiant beauty? (hardy har har)

I don't know. Take a wild guess.

If your wild guess was white and asian, DING DING DING! You have the answer!

If not, now you know.

Because of the asian part in wasian, this can, and will, be boiled down to a math equation.

white + asian = wasian

I know. This stuff is really mind-blowing.

But to be more specific about my wasianess, I will tell you that I'm actually wapanese. Which, again, can and will get mathed up.

white + japanese = wapanese

Very deep, I know.

So basically, in a non-biased nutshell, Wasian means white and Asian.

In a biased nutshell, Wasian means a beautiful, intelligent, amazing, fashionable, person who is White and Asian.

Hapahaole is actually the proper word for Wasian, which translates directly from Hawaiian to
"half white," but the word is more commonly used as "Hapa" now, which only means "half," which is expanded to any type of half Asian. Hapa Power!!

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