Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Hand-Me-Down

 For my first outfit post, I decided to choose this one, which is from a little while back. I feel like it really captures my style: slightly old fashioned with a hint of modern chic.

I'm not usually a fan of jeans, but to really highlight this coat I wore my favorite pair of grey Bullhead jeans. The headscarf is a fairly new addition from American Apparel, it was one of their ridiculously low priced sale items that I try so hard to snag whenever possible. And it's not bad. It's slightly hard to keep in my wasian (thin and long) hair, but it's a beautiful lieutenant color and I feel like I'm finding new ways to style it every day. The booties you can't really see very well in these pictures (will post more later), but they're absolutely adorable. They're Madden Girl black suede booties with a small brown heel, and I got them for a mere $20 from Macy's! I get way too excited for sales...
Finally...the hand-me-down coat. I love this cream color, and although it's slightly too big, it still works. I love double-breasted outerwear and anything out of the ordinary, and this coat definitely fits my criteria. I got this coat  from my cousin, and I think it's very pretty and warm.
Because I am quite vertically challenged, I have gotten a great deal of hand-me-downs over the years. Some people think it's gross or weird to wear them, but I disagree. It's like free thrift shopping, except you know the person it's coming from so it takes away the "ick" factor. Plus, if the person you're getting it from still has an "ick" factor, there's always this modern advancement of technology called a washing machine that can usually take care of that for you. Anyways, although some hand-me-downs may be not your style or just flat out ugly, a) you won't feel so bad throwing them away/selling them b) if you do find something, it's totally worth it.

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Headscarf American Apparel | Scarf Cost Plus: World Market | Booties Madden Girl

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