Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Was Here

 Hello there everybody! This outfit was sort of a weird hybrid mash up. I was going to one of my best friend's Confirmation (when asking my sister what it was, she said it was a "confirmitzvah") and I didn't know what to wear. I paired this body con crushed velvet dress with a more casual scarf and jean jacket for an occasion-neutral ensemble.

The earrings and dress were actually my mom's from the 80's, and they're really awesome. I wear this dress basically 24/7, and these black statement earrings go with almost anything, and are just right to spice up a simple outfit.

My scarf was actually made for me by my aunt (my sister and I have them in all different colors) and I really love it because not only is it warm and in a beautiful color, but since it's so long there's so many different possibilities of how to style it. I think the two loose loops is my favorite style, but you can wrap it as many as four or five times!

Nylons (which you will see me wear a lot) are a must in all girl's wardrobes. A simple pair of white or black nylons is enough to add beauty, simplicity, chicness, and modesty to any skirt, dress, or shorts. Plus, now patterned and different colored nylons and tights are becoming more and more popular, so it gives you endless ways to style this wardrobe staple. I can't emphasize enough how vital nylons are to any girl's closet.

This jean jacket is unfortunately kind of covered up in these pictures, but it is amazing! Jean jackets are so versatile and practical, and this one has a little unique edge. If you can see it, it is kind of structured like a blazer, with a short zipper and open collar with a button detail on the right breast. I will post another look with this jacket some time in the future so you can all fully experience the amazingness of it. :)
For more on the booties, see The Hand-Me-Down.

Because my face is just that beautiful...

And this is how I get when petals fall from cherry blossom trees...

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  1. I love the color palette of your outfit <3

    1. Thank you Trish! And thanks for following! If you comment back the URL of your blog I will follow :). I think you saw my thread on Lookbook but for some reason not all of the comments are showing up...:/