Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Hype on Lookbook!
Hey guys! I've recently taken a liking to the semiprecious stone, turquoise. I think the color is so beautiful and unique, and it's rare to find this kind of rich pigmentation in any stone. These bracelets are from my late grandmother and she wore them in the 50s and 60s, so these bracelets are not only gorgeous, but something of an heirloom. These drop stone earrings are from Biva, one of my new favorite online shopping destinations. They come out with new sale events every day that include clothes, jewelry, bags, sunnies, and more! One of their biggest appeals is that one event a day is dedicated to a different designer perfumes, so it is a great place to stock up on some nice fragrances.

If you read my blog very often, you'll notice that I'm not big into thrifting as many people are nowadays. It's not that I find it gross or think I am too good for it or anything like that, it's mostly due to the fact that I suck at thrifting. I have weird size requirements (flat chest, long arms and legs, less curvy and more toothpick-like...) so it takes FOREVER to find things in my size, and when I do I usually don't like them or are too burnt out by the hectic experience that I just want to go home and curl up in a ball. I'm also slightly ADD ish, so when I see the disorganized array of different sized/colored/styled pieces, I get a bit of a headache. However, I recently found a really cute thrift store in Montclair (for you Bay Area readers) called Sola Lucy. It's really small so it's not so overwhelming, plus it's sorted by size and style which makes it easy to navigate. Plus, they must only accept cute clothes because I wanted to bring home just about everything in there! Anyways, I snagged this crop cowl-neck sweater at Sola Lucy for merely $10. I felt pretty good about myself.

I paired the olive jeans with the brown heels and chunky sweater for a supremely fall look. You can't go wrong with deep, rich colors and a subtle brown for the perfect fall look. Big sweaters are also a major trend this year for the chillier months, so change it up a bit with a creative color, print, length, etc. I'm having a ton of fun this year experimenting with different ways to style different sweaters. Maybe a polyvore post on that coming soon...who knows?

Earrings (similar) | Jeans (similar)

Agh! This is super long again. I have a serious case of blogging diarrhea that needs to be treated.

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