Saturday, June 22, 2013

Haute Walk and my Best Friend

You may have noticed that I added a new link to my blog called The Haute Walk.

And if you haven't, there's a new link that says  The Haute Walk in the top bar of my blog.

Us with our other bestie, Treasure, in 6th grade. I know.
You also may be wondering what in the heck The Haute Walk is. The Haute Walk is a street style blog that my best friend Zachary and I made to share the amazing style in the Bay Area with the rest of the world and give affordable options to buy the looks featured on the blog.

Zachary and I have been best friends since 6th grade when we sat next to each other in 2nd Period Science class and he offered to make me one of his famous (or at least famous in our school) bags. He never made me the bag (yes I will hold it against him for the rest of our lives), but we became amazing friends almost instantly anyways. He is an extremely talented and dedicated fashion designer and I highly suggest you check out his website and take a look at some of his designs.

Anyways, that's enough about me. Bottom line: check out my street style blog that I have with my best friend Zachary, who you should also check out.

Thanks in advance!!


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