Sunday, June 30, 2013

ShoeDazzle Finds

Oh my god. I really am the worst blogger in the world. Here I am lecturing my fellow bloggers about consistency, when I am about the least consistent fashion blogger out there. I also have not made an outfit post in forever. Like legit forever. I'm in a summer intensive, as previously stated so I wear unattractive clothing all day 6 days a week. Agh. My life. Among all of this business however, I still did find time to buy a couple pairs of fabulous and on sale shoes from one of my favorite shoe sites: Shoedazzle.

Londyn on Sale for $24.61
I have a TON of black shoes, and not a lot of casual heels or summer shoes, so I decided to kill three birds with one super cute stone and snag these Londyn heels that are on sale for $24.61. The heel is not too high and kind of thick, so it makes it more comfortable and practical. Also one of the reasons why I have so many black shoes is that I am always afraid of buying shoes that won't go with anything, so it took a lot to not buy these in black, but I did it, and they actually go with a lot of my clothes. The light color is perfect for summer, and the gladiator style goes great with like everything in my closet! I am in love in love in love with these shoes. I even wore them to walk the dog.

Muriel on Sale for $15
The Muriel boot is definitely one of the most sexy and unique pieces in my closet. The use of color-blocking and different textures just makes me want to die. This fab boot also has a super cute little platform that just adds that little extra oomph to the shoe. I just love these boots soooo much! I won't really be able to wear these until winter, but I think I can wait. :)

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