Tuesday, June 4, 2013


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I'm trying something new today...pictures first then text. That seems to be the format everyone else is using (what a stupid reason to do anything, but oh well) and it seems to be working fine. I'm also experimenting with different picture sizes and the placement of my outfit credits. Since my blog is still pretty new, I'm going to be trying things out and changing things around a LOT, so bear with me. :)

This blazer I've worn on my blog before in je'taime, where I talked about blazers' versatility and comfort. You can really put a blazer on almost any outfit and it will look amazing a chic. Blazers are definitely one of my closet's staples.

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing these jeans are. They are from Target (as is most of the other things in my life), where I kind of expect lower quality clothes, but these are definitely the exception! They're so comfy and flattering, and I've had them for the longest time and worn them over and over again and the color has not faded and there isn't any holes or rips. I wore them in one of my more recent looks that I haven't yet made a post about bj,

Another thing that I love about this outfit that I'm not really noticing until now is the combination of the different textures. We have the lace top, denim jeans, poly-blend blazer, and suede/faux leather heels. I love having different dimensions and details in my outfits!

Last but not least, these stunning heels. These are a new addition to my shoe collection from JustFab, one of my new favorite shoe clubs (shoe club post to come) and I have to say, I'm very impressed. High-heeled sandals are an absolute must for this summer, and these certainly get the job done. They're nice and simple, yet still chic so I'll definitely be wearing these with a ton of different outfits. The heel is also a nice height so they're surprisingly comfortable, or at least as comfortable as 4.5 inch heels can be. :P

Black Blazer H&M | Necklace H&M | Sunglasses H&M | Maroon Mossimo Supply Co. Coated Jeans| Similar JustFab | Green Staring at Stars Swing Crochet Top Urban Outfitters | Black Aveiro JustFab

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