Monday, June 3, 2013

The Cute One

Hey there!

This look is actually from a little while ago (it's a LOT sunnier and hotter right now) but I never got around to posting these pics. I was actually freezing cold when shooting this, which explains the slightly pained look on my face. My sister was also freezing, which explains the very few photos. Lucy was the only one who looked the slightest bit relaxed. She's so photogenic.

I've written about my jumper pants before in Flashback: Outstanding in my Field. I love them. I wear them with everything and I have multiple colors and materials. I even wear them as sweats to ballet. I even wear them with dresses that I like to wear as shirts...

Speaking of dresses I like to wear as shirts, this top is actually a dress that I folded up into a shirt and tucked into these pants. The sleeves are so cool that I just have to utilize this dress as best as I can. It's a bodycon dress, so it was really easy to just fold up and tuck into these loose-fitting pants. The material is super soft and nice though, and I'm slightly surprised seeing as it's from Love Culture which is extremely cheap, both monetarily and qualitatively. This dress was only $10!

I think what really makes this outfit though, is Lucy, my adorable puppy. ;)

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Black Ruched Sleeved Dress Love Culture | Black Chambray Jumper Pants American Apparel

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